1. CPAP support for those affected by the Nova Scotia wildfires

    Dear friends, Our hearts go out to the many communities in Nova Scotia that are grappling with devastating wildfires. We are deeply concerned for the well-being of everyone affected by this natural disaster, including our valued patients who have had to leave their homes behind, facing uncertainty and fear. We understand that amidst the chaos and urgency of evacuation, it's often difficult to gath…Read More

  2. Travel Tips for CPAP Users

    Travelling with your CPAP device Don’t lose sleep when you’re out of town! Depending on your travel situation, there are various options available so you can easily use your CPAP on the road. Here are some tips on using your CPAP when you’re away from home. General tips for travelling with CPAP – Pack your device in its carrying case. This protects the CPAP from damage when transporting.…Read More

  3. Four Bad Habits That You Don’t Know are Affecting Your Sleep

    Kelly Rudolph, BA (Psych) – June 2016 A good night sleep plays a key role not only in your ability to function the next day but also in your overall health. Getting that good night sleep is often difficult for some people however, and it is often related to what they are doing leading up to going to bed. Here are four habits that you may be doing that are disrupting your body’s ability to get …Read More

  4. Taking it Off…The CPAP Mask, That is!

    Erica Dehmel, BHSc, RRT – May 2016 Most people using CPAP therapy have woken at least once through the night to find they have removed their CPAP mask in their sleep. It’s a common occurrence during the first couple of weeks of CPAP use.  It’s almost the same as waking up to notice you have ripped the blankets off in your sleep:  You don’t remember doing it or why, your body was just unc…Read More

  5. Acromegaly and Sleep Apnea

    Dr. Rick Balys, MD, FRCSC Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery “But doc…I never used to snore. I slept well. About 4 months ago I started to snore. Now I am so loud I keep the whole house up and feel exhausted in the morning and throughout the day. I have only gained about 5 pounds – do you think that caused this?” As a physician, this history should raise warning flags. Although this is…Read More

  6. Sleep “App”nea

    Treatment of Sleep “App”nea Erica Dehmel, BHSc, RRT – April 2016 It seems as though there’s an app for everything these days, and CPAP is no exception! CPAP therapy is a commitment: it takes time to adjust to the therapy, and while eventually you’ll notice an improvement in how you feel, it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated when you’re still feeling tired. Consistent use of CPAP for…Read More

  7. Positive Thinking

    Contributed by tracy gower, pdt.  April 11, 2016 Consider the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING! Many of us are able to send positive messages to our friends, children and families, such as…”Wow, you look fantastic”, but when it comes to ourselves, often the “voice in our head” is sending us perpetual negative messages; creating self defeating behaviors. Do you recognize this pattern within yo…Read More

  8. Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

    In a large Canadian study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers showed that when matching subjects for factors that typically predispose people to getting diabetes, such as age, sex, body mass index, neck circumference, smoking, income status and comorbid illnesses at baseline, people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) were more likely to dev…Read More

  9. After Nasal Surgery

    First – What Does the Nose Do? For those who do not know, the nasal septum is the wall that divides the right and left nasal passages. The lower nasal turbinates are structures that protrude from the right and left side walls of the nasal passages.  When you breathe, each passage is separate from the other by the nasal septum.  Air travels through each side, flowing over the lower turbinates a…Read More

  10. What You Will Gain By Losing

    contributed by tracy gower, pdt.  january 15, 2016 Many of us have forgotten how good our body is designed to feel! Are you willing to lose weight to see how good you can feel again? A few benefits weight loss can bring: A good night’s sleep More energy Better blood pressure control Feeling comfortable in your clothes Studies suggest that it’s not necessarily our chronological age that makes …Read More