The Snore Shop, Inc. is a private, Maritime-based health care provider for patients suffering with snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB), including Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Our mandate has always been to increase public awareness of SDB and to provide an avenue for testing, treatment and regular client follow up for long term treatment success. The Snore Shop was founded in 2005 in Dartmouth, NS in a tiny office, caring for a few clients per week. It has grown into a much larger group of Shops, currently following over 10,000 patients in 14 locations across the Maritimes. We are creating a network tying the communities within the Maritime provinces.

Our Team works together with clients and their doctors to help determine the severity of their SDB and snoring. We help doctors provide a diagnosis and prescribe a complete treatment plan that helps put the client on the road to recovery.

The Snore Shop uses an in-home sleep study device called the ARES from SleepMed. The device is brought home, worn overnight, and returned to us the next day. There is no overnight stay or invasive tests. Not only is this device accurate, but it tends to be more comfortable than other sleep study devices.

We are also experienced in working with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), Bi-level positive airway pressure, and servo ventilation therapy to treat those with sleep disordered breathing.

Follow up is a crucial element of our treatment plan. We closely follow your progress and comfort with treatment, particularly with CPAP machines (especially in the first month), and offer life-long support to ensure continued success with management of your SDB.

We are committed to helping our patients sleep better, improve their health and find a treatment solution that fits their individual needs.

Environmentally Friendly

The Snore Shop recognizes the increased burden of business on the environment, and as such has adopted measures to try to cut down on this impact. We use paperless charting and as much as possible by sending electronic information to other health professionals via desktop fax or email. We aim to use environmentally safe materials in our products.

In this way, we reduce our carbon footprint in the Maritimes, keeping it cleaner for the future.

About the Staff

The Snore Shop employs certified Respiratory Therapists and Registered Nurses for patient care and follow up. We separate diagnostic testing and treatment care in order to maximize the clinician’s time with patients. Our staff are committed 100% to the care of SDB.

About the Owner

The Snore Shop is owned by Dr. Neil Smith, a practicing otolaryngologist in the Dartmouth area with an interest in sleep disordered breathing as it pertains to upper airway mechanics.