About us

The Snore Shop is an independent, Maritime-based healthcare provider. We’re experts in Obstructive Sleep Apnea assessment, treatment, and continuing care. We’re dedicated to being with patients every breath of the way on their sleep apnea journey.

iStock-1413854358-2 About Us

The Snore Shop was founded in 2005 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, caring for a few clients per week. We’ve since grown to 14 locations across the Maritimes. 

We work with patients and their doctors to determine sleep apnea severity and determine a complete treatment plan that helps patients improve their health and wellbeing. Our services include:

  • Assessment: The Snore Shop’s Sleep Health Assessment is the most comprehensive, personalized assessment for sleep apnea in the Maritimes.
  • Treatment: We are experienced in working with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), Bi-level positive airway pressure, and servo ventilation therapy to treat those with sleep apnea.
  • Continuing Care: Follow up is a crucial element of our treatment plan. We closely follow patient progress and comfort with treatment, particularly with CPAP machines (especially in the first month). We offer life-long support to ensure patients continue to succeed with managing their sleep apnea. 

We believe that treating sleep apnea isn’t just about a better night’s sleep – it’s about helping our patients get more out of their waking hours. We love seeing the life-changing impacts of sleep apnea treatment in our communities.

Our staff

The Snore Shop employs Licensed Health Care Professionals for patient care and follow up. We separate diagnostic testing and treatment care to maximize the clinician’s time with patients.

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