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Healthcare professionals like you are critical to solving Atlantic Canada’s hidden Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) problem.

If you suspect your patient has sleep apnea, print and fax this referral form or find us in one of the EMRs below. We look forward to helping.

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It’s estimated that 6 million Canadians suffer from OSA. It’s also estimated that 80% of Moderate to Severe cases of OSA are undiagnosed. If left untreated, OSA has been linked to long-term health risks, including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and hypertension.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) therapy is considered the gold standard for treating OSA. Research indicates:

reduction in hospitalizations over 2 years with nightly PAP usage, up to 7 hours
reduction in ER visits over 2 years with nightly PAP usage, up to 7 hours

Source: Malhotra A et al. Am J Respir Crit Care Med suppl (ATS Abstract) 2022

By recognizing the warning signs of OSA in your patients, we can work together to reduce patients’ health and help more Atlantic Canadians experience a better quality of life.

With patients every breath of the way.

We make it easy for referring healthcare professionals through the entire process diagnosing and treating patients with OSA. Here’s how it works: 

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Link patient symptoms and risk factors with possible OSA & refer the patient for a comprehensive Sleep Health Assessment.

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We guide the patient through the assessment process, including consultation and a home sleep test, and send you the test results to confirm a diagnosis. The patient also receives a visual report to help them understand their results.

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Together, we determine an optimal treatment plan for the patient. If CPAP is prescribed, we facilitate a comprehensive CPAP trial.

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Our follow-up model ensures patients succeed with therapy and experience the benefits long-term.

Our model has been so successful, we’ve set the standard for OSA management in the Maritimes.

How to refer patients

You can refer patients for sleep apnea testing and/or treatment by printing and faxing this referral form. You can also find The Snore Shop on the following EMRs:

  • Profile EMR (IntraHealth)
  • MedAccess (Telus Health)
  • PS Suite (Telus Health)
  • Accuro NS (QHR Technologies)

Get in touch with our Physician Engagement team.

We’re here to answer questions, share education and research, and support you in delivering care. Get in touch to arrange an in-person meeting or virtual education session with your practice.

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