REMATEE Products

Some people with snoring or obstructive sleeping have more positional disease.  That is to say, when we test them, we find their obstructive index is worse when they are on their backs.  Not everyone has that distinction, but a few do.  For those people with positional sleep obstruction, there are products to help prevent you from sleeping on your back.

The Bumper Belt

The REMATEE bumper belt is exactly what it sounds like.  It consists of a belt with small bumpers built into the posterior and posterior sides, which prevent a person from rolling onto their back.  It has been found to be extremely effective at keeping people on their sides or their bellies.  For those with positional snoring or sleep apnea, this may be the simple economical solution you have been looking for.

It fits easily into your suitcase or overnight bag for travel.  It comes as either a neoprene belt, or as a T-shirt with built in inflatable bumpers.  Gone are the T-shirts with tennis balls sewn into them.

Ask your Snore Shop therapist for more information on this product.