The Aveo Tongue Stabilization Device (TSD)

Aveo TSD

This tongue stabilization device was developed by Dr. Chris Robertson in New Zealand, and distributed in Canada via Ethics International, based in British Columbia. The device uses suction force to maintain the tongue in a forward position, keeping it from falling back in the throat.  If the tongue cannot fall back into the throat, then there is less turbulence and less vibration of soft tissue structures that lead to snoring.  It is designed to not hang off your teeth, therefore leaving your bite unaffected, unlike an oral appliance designed to pull the lower jaw forward, which requires teeth as anchors.  You can find the Aveo TSD brochure here.

The Aveo TSD is primarily aimed at the reduction of snoring and has many benefits as part of first line management.  The most obvious is that it does not require any fitting by a specialist, meaning you can get an Aveo TSD on a walk in basis at the Snore Shop or other distributor without having to see a professional.  However, this one-size-fits-all device is not for everyone.  Some tongue bases do not respond to advancement and stabilization, for example, if there are also large tonsils, or if the tongue base is so large that it simply cannot be moved out of the way.

It is important as well to note that the Aveo TSD is not considered first line management for obstructive sleep apnea.  It may be part of the second line treatments in those who fail CPAP or a traditional oral appliance, but this therapy alone rarely completely controls all of the obstructive pathology involved in sleep apnea.

This device is a simple, well-thought, and inexpensive solution to snoring for those who have been deemed “Snorers” after sleep testing.  If you are looking for a straightforward solution to snoring, please ask one of our staff for some advice on using the Aveo-TSD, or send us an email and we will respond back to you.